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        Shenzhen Jing Gong Mechanism & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd (SZJG) is a high-end to rail transportation equipment manufacturing accessories of private enterprises whose products include Inverter power cabinets, Power cabinets, Control equipment cabinets, Communication equipment cabinets, Laser equipment cabinets,steel structure products and different kinds of equipment cabinets.
     Jing Gong was established in 2004, we insist to make it our responsibility to provide the best products in the Rail Transportation System and precision sheet metal processing area. In order to control and improve the quality of our products we have passed the European standard EN15085 (CL1) welding quality management system by Germany SLV and ISO9001:2008 quality system identification by Moody international Certification Ltd.
     Professional technical and quality control team with excellent equipments is our secret weapon to refine on our products. We have kinds of advanced equipments including: NTC punching machine, CNC bending machine and OTC500 welding Robot, etc. We have many good professional engineers and Sheet metal technical workers with many years of experience. We all pull together to work hard for the Jing Gong quality.
    Each member in Jing Gong take the value of honesty and trustworthiness、hardworking and innovate、dedicate、bravely take responsibilities;Concentrate on the service of Rail Transportation Companys, devote our wisdom and power for helping China to be the great-power country in the Rail Transportation area; Turn towards to the vision of become to be the excellent Products supporting company for the Rail Transportation step by step.
     we are determined to supply best products for our customers, meanwhile, offer good work environment and development Platform for the staffs. Strictly enforce EN15085 (CL1) welding standards, Now all products have reached the international level and recognized by the Shenzhen Tongye, SIEMENS, Invt electric ,Shenzhen FARAD electric, Huizou BiaoDing and other enterprises.
     Jing Gong appreciate your trust for yesterday, Jing Gong is making perfection more perfect for you today, Tomorrow Jing Gong need your powerful support. Let’s join hands in creating a better future.

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Add:1/2F,A4 Building,XinJianXing Technical Industrial Park,FengXin Road,GuangMing New District,ShenZhen